(解答編)NEW HORIZON 3年 unit0~3の重要表現&熟語 発展


1. In fact, Japanese tradition makes me excited.

2. Help yourself,Erika.

3. He seems kind.

4. He has taught me soccer for three years.

5. She has already gone.

6. This is the painting by him.

7. America is the world's third highest population .

8. May I have seconds?

9. How about now?

10. These were brought from that house to this house.

11. I want to visit the place like Nagara Falls myself.

12. Please write back if you have time.

13. Have you taken a look at that pamphlet yet ? No, not yet.

14. Russia is almost sixty times the size of Japan. 

15. I influenced him.

16. There are many kinds of students.

17. I have been worried about the thing since I was a child.

18. I am glad that you came here.

19. I have loved japan for many years.

20. Your dream may make a difference.

21. I was impressed with a story.

22. At that time, she was fifteen years old.

23. The animal such as a bird was given to me.

24. A part of the Muromachi period is called the NanbokuCho period.

25. This problem(question) is one good example.

26. You are on the baseball team,aren't  you?

27. I know little about them but he may know a little.

28. Would you like another piece of cake?

29. Some of them have chosen that product for a long time.

30. Wine is made from grapes.

31. Grapes are made into wine.

32. Maybe, he doesn't have enough time to sleep.

33. The clothes are made of cloth.

34. Come and discover a treasure.

35. This book says Ghana is a poor country.